Remapp - P1
About the Options:
Here are some things that may clarify your doubts:

Define Page Template:
You can configure the default view of the first page. Normaly is in the "Home" template, but you can override this.

New Page:
Creates a new Page, configured with a view ( Inst, Faders, Mixer, Envelope )
Just add a simple page name!
Define the template for this new page. Not really essencial.
Check this to create a item for the contextual Menu.
Press the button!

Create Link to Page
This creates a link button, you can drag to the bottom layers, to help you navigate into your pages. The text of the link is costumizable
Target Page
Your Custom label
Template type to the Target
Add it!

Page View Modifier
If you have Knobs and Faders configured in the same page, you can make a "view Switch" to change the current view knobs > faders
You can Create the MENU shortcut (which opens the contextual menu), by creating this shortcut. Drag the result to the bottom links

P1 Template reference
The Template Views, and their nomenclatures
Pages created in "Menu Page" appears here. You need to add a link modifier to open this menu
Add your Links, On/Off's switches here

Exporting / Importing
The start and the end

Importing a remote file:
Of course you have already Reason running. Open your cool vst or rack extension. In the file menu of Reason select "Export Device Remote info" and give it me. I mean, this app. Use the Upload file:

Exporting a remote file:
You just need to copy the output code into your Reason Map folder. I have mine in this folder. I recommend using Notepad++ for editing this file.

C:\ProgramData\Propellerhead Software\Remote\Maps\Nektar\PanoramaP1.remotemap

Exporting / Importing
The start and the end

I've made a nice video.

Coffee ?
Thank you!
Just send me a email to include your info, image and your webpage, if you bought me coffee!
I've donated my time doing this remapp mess
A bug ? I'm really not surprised, I've done this in a 286 pc
Know Issues:
  • This interface works better in 1080p or if you like in pixels > 1920px.
  • Page / Menu Names Should ALL be different. If they are the same, links will be finding repeated targets.
  • Sometimes you have to click the "Remote item" twice to enable it in the "Label Editor"
  • You need to click the "Label Editor" button , to actually save your new custom Label
  • You can't duplicate remote items, for now.
  • For now, you can't create modifier buttons. Ex: ( sync / free )
Drop me a line at the Reason Talk Forum, maybe there is a thread about it!"
    Links and Modifiers will appear here!
    Remotes not yet parsed
Copy this to your controller Reason map file :)

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