About ReMapp:
This tool was created to help you map the remote items of your favorite Re / Vst.

What you will need:
1) Export your desired Remote Info (Reason File Menu)
2) Find your Controller Remote Map for edit.

What this tool will give you:
The objective of ReMapp is to offer a final mapping, ready to copy/paste into your Remote Map File.


  • Finding the "Scope" is mandatory. By default is marked in Orange color.
  • Changing controller will reset the tool
  • When using remote groups, add all the Groups in the "Main View"
  • The Controller map names is from the Reason default configuration, unless noted in the Controller select menu.

Know Issues / Limitations

  • Remote Groups with same name will "crash" ReMapp, restart required.
  • It only maps one controller per session
  • You need to edit manually your reason remote files and add the ReMapp result
Code and Design by: Miguel R. (aka NoiseShadow)
Find me @ NoiseLx
    No Group Added
    Remotes not yet parsed
Copy this to your controller Reason map file :)